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MXCalc SE is a very clever calculator indeed. In fact I'd go so far as saying it's one of the best available for mobiles. Firstly the display is very clear, the numbers are big and the changeable mathematical equation bar is easy to manipulate. Plus you can use this with your fingers rather than a stylus. However, it's when you get into the more complex functions that the calculator comes to life - if calculators can come to life, which I very much doubt.

MXCalc SE is packed with financial expertise, statistical and matrices functions. Plus the MXSolver facility allows you to enter and solve quadratic and cubic equations in a very clear display. There are also loan and amortization tables as well as a unit converter. And whenever the viewing area needs to be enlarged the calculator automatically shuffles the screen to give you a better view of your answers. It's a specialist tool that will benefit anyone in need of a good calculator.

The decisive calculator performing all complex calculations & featuring the most comprehensive converter available.


  • Matrices Functions
  • Base Conversion
  • Date & Time Calculations
  • Supports USA and EUROPEAN style date format
  • Supports Portrait, Landscape, Square ( Treo 700w ) & VGA screen resolutions
  • Most comprehensive Unit Converter with 150+ Categories, 2900 + Units & 50000+ conversions. The best available for Windows Mobile Smartphone.
  • Equation Solver
  • Multiple Skins
  • Operated mostly with finger-tips rather than a stylus.
  • Free Desktop version !
  • New Display.
  • Fully featured 15 uses trial which can be used in months.

MxCalc SE


MxCalc SE 3.1.2

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